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10.08.01 David Zemnick_Tempe, AZ

15 July, 2004

The original Wandering Didj has been lost to David Zemnick of Tempe, AZ. It is unlikely we will see it again. Follow this link to be connected with various Wandering Didj projects inspired by the first.

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compiled by Mike Spencer-Harty & Brandi Chase

What is the WD?

The wandering didj is a plain eucalyptus didj painted with red ochre which plays about an E fundamental. It is signed by everyone who has played it. Accompanying the didj is a

journal to allow participants to record their thoughts and any interesting stories about their part in the story.

The Point

We wish to hear how language, cultural and personal differences influence didj playing in general, rather than different instruments.

There is also a journal travelling with the instrument to document it's travels and the thoughts of the participants.


Following the production of the first didj planet album the idea was suggested of producing short (30s) recordings played by everyone who wished, on the same didj with no accompaniment or enhancement . (Later it was added that if anyone wanted in addition to a raw recording a track could be submitted using the WD and other instruments. Possibly these would be included on a separate disc.)

By Whom?

Guan Lim suggested the idea of a didj that would travel round the world. He offered to supply the didj with the idea that the didj would eventually return to him, possibly to bdonated to the "best" recording. However this was felt to be introducing an unwanted aspect of competition.

The Format

If you are on the Wandering Didj List, you have committed yourself to recording your playing. Your recording should be straight forward didj with NO EFFECTS and NO OTHER INSTRUMENTS whatsoever. David Blonski has agreed to format the sound files for use on the internet as well as for future use in a more professional recording, should it be necessary. Almost anything from Audio tape through hi-fi video tape, mini disc to digital DAT or MP3 files can be handled. E-mail Dave if you are unsure. He is also happy to use e-mail to receive files.


Please send you digital submission (no larger than 2MEGS) to the email address or snailmail to below:

blonski@jps.netTimeless Productions 5050 Traverse Creek Rd. Garden Valley, CA 95633 USA

The Journal which accompanies the WD is for the benefit of the participants. Those entries will not be posted on the internet. General discussion and on the fly policy however will be. This info can be found with each particpants name.


If you wish to participate in this project you must be a member of the Earth Mills Didjeridu Discussion group or the Joyous Noise News Group. To become a member, go to: or

Once you are a member of the "didj list" send an E-mail to Mike Spencer-Harty with your name and location. Your name will be passed to Brandi at the WD site, your address will remain confidential (except of course to the person who will be handing you the didj!). Mike keeps the record of all the partipants, like physical addresses and email. Brandi keeps the record of where it is and where its been.


Where ever possible, the WD is to be passed from hand to hand. In instances where the

individual is to remote for this to be possible it is the responsibility of the recipient to pay all applicable shipping and handling costs. In the case of shippping to another country. The participants of that country will aid in shouldering the costs. (Denver Greer)