This is Bill Hudson. He visited me in September. Bill is my didjeridu brother. Like a twin, we started the same time you see and we are equally obsessed.
This made it especially fun to play together.
I learned "bon, bon, Bonnie-0" and got a sweet little e/f "ish" agave that he made with his bare hands. This is currently my favorite of all my didjeridus. Oh, and later on two sets of Bones.  
   Bill got his very own chicks with sticks t-shirt and a visit at the Miracle Manor.

Bill also got to meet Janawirri Yiparrka. And I taught him the little riff I learned at the Yiparrka/Atkins workshop in San Diego.

Oh, Bill also keeps a great secret under his hat. When you meet him in person, you really should ask him about it.

Oh, and we ate at Harv's Deli together for Breakfast on Sunday with Janawirri, and Randy Graves and Greg (Didginus) and his partner Deborah. Harv's is a must in Desert Hot Springs!

Julia Wilmerding visited me late in September. She was already headed to the SO CAL desert, but her trip just happened to coincide with the first ever CHICKS with STICKS all women didj gala:

It was Microscopic.

but in a good way.

Julia brought me

WYOMING honey.

I was most appreciative.

We also ate at


We didjeridu-ed together, we even battled a didj hater. Didn't change his mind however. He still was in fact a didj hater even after we were through with him.

I got to meet Beth, Julia's Partner. Wow. what at sweetie. And what did I learn from this event?

that gender is not what binds us as didj players. Love and understanding does.

for more information on the CHICKS w/STICKS gathering you should check out my interview with Ed Drury.