•  HEY

here comes Tom now...he's walking. He is very good at walking. You know what else he is good at? Grocery Shopping. No kidding. AND he's a good cook. Tom whipped up this tasty little pasta dish that we lived on for a few days. It was especially fun eating it right out of the storage container



while the refrigerator was still open. Now that is entertainment.

You know what else Tom is good at? He is an excellent masseuse really. So good in fact that I may have to fly to St. Louis (which is where he is living these days) and indulge in another one!

We played didjeridu too you know. Tom and I play pretty well together I think and he has the most beautiful vocals. .. . .











Tom & I went hiking on 6.11.98 with my friend Paul Edge. Paul is a trail guide and caretaker of a canyon just outside of SkyValley. Sky Valley is a town a few miles south east of Desert Hot Springs. No one lives in Sky Valley, and almost no one lives in Desert Hot Springs. I like it that way.




Tom, it seems, studied geology during his college days and so was pretty interested in the rock formations in the Canyon. He and Paul had alot to talk about and well, so did I.

The hike in was lovely, the canyon seems misleadingly sedate when you first get going.

 This photo was taken of Tom and I at the top of our hike. Little did we know that the trip back down would be more challenging than the trip up! We took an alternate route down you see, just to find out what would happen. AND we got rim-rocked 5 times (well, not irreversibly) but there were cliffs involved


 IT was really exhilarating. So much that I kept commenting on it. Hell, I still do. I am doing it right now. IT WAS THE BEST hike I have been on so far since moving here!

Tom and I traded instruments, 2 Marko Johnson Leather didjeridus for a Balephone from Ghana and a Banjo (a nice one).


 feel like taking a ride in the DESERT?

Paul Edge is an excellent trail guide. and you get to ride in this very cool jeep.--------------->