Ron Sill
& family



Often times, at the Miracle Manor where I live the shades on the office windows hang down to just a foot above the ground. That way I create a little privacy for myself, while at the same time I can keep an eye on what the lower half of the business is up to.

The windows lead up to the front door. When some one intends to knock I see their shins and footwear clad feet first. I like to be prepared.

In December I saw four pairs of legs heading straight for my door. They belonged to Ron,

Heidi, Tahlia (pronounced Tye-ya), and Dominique. Otherwise known as the Sill family. I opened the door and said, "Ron? Is that you? What are you doing at my house? and this must be your family!"

Ron lives in Arizona, and he and the family were just returning from a Christmas trip to Disneyland, and decided to stop in for a visit.

We chatted for a bit. I showed him my Didj from Bill Hudson and my didj from John Madill and my didj from Marko. Ron can play a mean didjeridu, I said,

"so this is where Bill Hudson has been learing his chops."

Conversation drifted towards the pool as it often does in a location like the Miracle Manor. But we didn't swim. I asked them if they had eaten. They had. But if they hadn't I for certain would have taken them to HARV'S DELI.

It was nice to hear the chatter and laughter of little girls chiming in the courtyard. Its not a common sound here, children are not allowed. Their chirping and hopping about echoed off the concrete walls in a ricochet as lovely as the the morning doves woo, coo, coo, coo.

Well, it wasn't so measured, exactly. And it certainly wasn't as subtle but I didn't say the same as. I think it was lovely as.

So, they all piled into the mini van as we made our goodbyes. The girls showed me a few too. A few good buys that is, that they made in Disneyland. A couple of invisible dogs...

and then they disappeared too.

I was as suprised by their going as I was by their coming. I walked myself back to my office behind the shades, and waited.