'Mykul' Cummins
& his lovely wife Claire


.....hours later, we found Ral's pad.....Next day, It's off to San Francisco...to Chinatown, to check out Clarion's Wicked Sticks (they really are,) and meet with Richard Man...to see Fred's slide show...Then Stephen Kent showed up... Next stop: Desert Hot Springs, CA where Brandi had "left the light on for us." ...

--from Mykul's didj list post 3.25.99

miracle manor has no affiliation with motel 6, or any of its subsidiaries.

arrived at the Miracle Manor (MM) in the midst of my reservation crisis and the filming of our upcoming television snip airing on the Travel Channel May 10. They arrived late, fresh after an afternoon spent at Clarion. We didn't get to spend much quantity time together, but the quality time? We got that.

We enjoyed the traditional family meal at Harv's Deli on the second evening of their stay. Isn't it amazing what you can learn about people over a veggie burger and french fries?

I chuckled over Michael's accounts of his didjeridu adventure, and over Claire's obvious dismay. I don't think she had any idea how intensely the drive to meet with other players takes over a didjeridu enthusiast's heart.

Luckily, though, there was time and space for Michael and I to play together. And it was grand as ever. Particularly when he showed me his C# Euc, the very one Peter Brady tried to sell me last year. I tried it, and I liked it. Damn.

Mykul and Claire left the following morning and due to the in the haze of my sleepy eyes and the comfort of my stripey pajamas I forgot to take a picture of us together.

So if you will, imagine me as the jumping Cholla in the back ground of Michael's photograph. Just like them, I look really fuzzy from a distance.

photos by Claire/Mykul except the number 2. Artwork by me.