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Rick Dusek at home



it can never be said that I don't visit people and that others only visit me. On my way to see my family in Utah, Randy and I stopped in on Rick Dusek and Linda outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was late (even though in Randy's haste to make the 2 hour drive to my home and my haste to make the 5 hour drive to Rick's house we both got speeding tickets) and it was even later when we all hit the sack. But what can you do when there are easily 50+ didjeridu in a room and nothing to do but play them!

Rick is one of the gentlest people I have ever met, and Linda a beautiful compliment. And then there's Kira! (The cat) she didn't even make my eyes itch. The household pooch did not allow hugging of any kind.

In the past Rick frequented Joshua Tree National Monument to engage in rock climbing and a little visit with Peter Spoeker. I think it was Peter who introduced him to the didjeridu, if I remember right. Never once was I able to convince him to come further west and have a soak at the Miracle Manor, though.

By morning, Rick called in sick and we spent another few hours listening to didjeridu recordings and talking about didjeridu this and didjeridu that. And wondering to ourselves is there really anything else quite as interesting as a termite hollowed tree? And thanked what ever gods may be for white ants.

And then we were on our way, like a flash (well a sluggish flash since the fuel filter on the Subaru needed changing as I discovered later) to my father's country. Nephi, Utah. And can you believe it?

It was snowing there.