DidjboxTM: Why ?
So it's unconventional, I'll give you that, but there are things that this didj can do that you just aren't going to get from a typical Eucalyptus (until one gets made from Eucalyptus that is!) but you know what I mean. But why would you want one of these things?      

Both soy milk and the didjbox improve your didjeridu playing

      well, first of all, haven't you always wanted a didj you could just slip into your back pack?
what about a didj that you can set right by your computer and play and work at the same time?  
did you want a didj you can play while you're driving or (more likely) sitting in traffic?
  have you ever considered a didj that could play a scale on? You might not beleive me but I'm here to tell you can this one and it doesn't require finger holes