Soy Milk & the DidjboxTM

I'm accustomed to all kinds of strange packages showing up on my doorstep any more. But I think this package in particular was among the most odd, the most memorable.

Now I won't try to fool you, and pretend that I didn't know it was coming, or that I didn't know what was going on at Marko's Playland...I'd played a prototype just before moving from SLC to DHS a little over a year ago. But still, I was curious about the refinement of his idea to make a didjeridu that was light, portable yet still sounded and played like a regular didjeridu.

I got 6 of them.

I resisted at first; they seemed really quiet, and maybe a little muffled. maybe it was my approach because the longer I played the better the sound became.

I took one for a walk. I played one while I cleaned the refrigerator. I danced with another. I went for a drive with one. I tried (and succeeded) in playing a scale with another after Marko (over the phone) showed me it was possible. I even played one while I put these pages together..while as in SIMULTANEOUSLY!

and the more time I spent, the more it became so clear to me:

Hey, this is like the first time I tried Soy Milk.

Because you see, Soy Milk isn't milk. And even though I knew this when I tried it for the first time, I couldn't get the idea of 'milk' out of my brain. It wasn't that I didn't like it, it just didn't taste right. At first. But the more didjeridu inspired me to give up dairy, the more I started to appreciate Soy Beverages. I realized 'hey Soy milk is like milk, but it isn't milk, but its still very good in its own right, and for its own reasons!'

Let's face it. You can not painlessly take your favorite 40 lb Djalu on a 4 mile hike to a beautiful remote location where you really would (if you could) love to play didj. You can however throw a Didjbox in your pack back, and barely notice the weight.

But when you arrive at your destination ready to play, you'll definitely notice the sound.

It feels a little different than a regular didj, but trust me it does just as good a job as Soy Milk does as a proxy to Cow.

hmmm that makes me think

  • soy beans = light
  • cow = heavy
  • didjbox = light
  • djalu = heavy

I wonder if there is a connection?