Chris Canole Photos are in!


welcome to my view of the Tucson Gathering, 1999.

well, my view augmented by Chris Canole. He took the photos of the show so I could spend my time dancing. Those images should be coming along soon.

For those who don't know, the Tucson gathering had grown out of Allan Shockley's birthday party. It gets bigger every year. Allan, however, is not getting bigger every year.

I arrived at Allan's home around 3 or so in the morning of the

11th. Not, alone, I brought Randy with me, (or did he bring me?) Which ever it was my car without the heater was the method. I pause a moment to ask the world "will I ever have a car that doesn't malfunction!?"

Okay I think I'm beyond my self pity, and by now I have thawed out, so moving right along...

Naomi Lingenfelter, a student of Randy's arrived thursday around noon, and began sorting throught the forest of didjeridus in Allan's living room. She was shopping for something to replace her badly cracking bamboo didj. And, having nothing else to do, and with my

belly full from breakfast at The Garland (tradition) I decided to assist her in her process. That was fun, especially since while we were playing, a big package full of Djalu didjeridus arrived!

We played those too.

And we must have made alot of noise because Charlie Schink and his didjeridu playing child wonder Dylan heard us and came on over. Dylan even gave me a didjeridu lesson. Thanks to him I can now howl like a coyote, but man he's a tough teacher!

Allan showed me the poster used to promote the show. The image is of a female and male figure

blowing the didjeridu, and he hoped that this would be the theme for this year. I gave him a tshirt for his birthday.

(Okay, that was a rather lame sentence slid in there so I could show you the artwork produced for the show, I admit it, but please have patience with me, I'm trying to develop a new forum here!)

Karl Sacksteder didn't arrive until Friday due to the American Airlines strike. I'm always anxious to see him, and hear his big rumbly voice.

Friday evening required a big group meeting to prepare for the show. All of the performers and

helpers had to hear the run down of the next days events.

And then.

It was Saturday, already. I spent the day manning (womanning, that it) Allan's house. I only answered the phone "Miracle Manor, this is Brandi" twice which is pretty good because the phone really rang alot.

I arrived at the International Center around 6 PM. And Everyone was there! I really missed out on the big campsite jam that day :( . But at least I got to see everyone there. I even remembered to take pictures of almost everyone....

The show was great. I was particularly moved by this guy: Eno Washington. He teaches African Dance in Tucson. And I really appreciate him for doing that.

Great Performances by all this year. Great to see the improvements over last year's show, thanks to Dave Crowder.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to credit those who went the extra mile for the event.

Got to dance a little with Canole, Got to play a little with Julia. Got to see lots of people wearing Tucson T-Shirts at once. Got a refill on my supply of Wyoming honey. Got to see Stephen Kent play. Got to play Ron Sill/Bill Hudson's latest creations. Got lots of hugs. Gave lots of hugs. (That was satisfying to say the least). Thanks again, by the way.

Hit the sack around 6 AM. Didn't make my 10 AM appointment for didjn at the campground until well after noon.

This is the first thing Randy, Dave and I saw when we arrived: It was quite apparent, that they had

had been enjoying a strange time with out us.

Didjed a little didj, met Tom Lambrecht's sweetie Irene (I approve!), bought a few shakers from Blonski

Spent a quality time with Tom Lange, Peter Hadley, Adrian Smith, Bill & Bonnie Hudson and their didjeridus...and yet another Lee Parker hug whew!

Met up with almost everyone again at Susan's house. I was beyond exhaustion. Everything was rediculously funny. And it really wasn't, but there was apple pie involved.

On monday we went home. Pretty hot drive home in case you were wondering.

Then Sushi, then bed, then back to the Miracle Manor. And you know, it was still in one peice. I wasn't though. I'd left little peices of myself with everyone

at the gathering. I still feel scattered all over the country.

Photo's from the show will be coming soon...stand by.

Tucson T-Shirts are all sold out, however I am selling the screens for the artwork, signed and numbered if you are interested,