Yep, I'm back.
It was a great time as always... what else can I say?

I'm sorry I didn't get to spend

time with Bill Hudson or Ron Sill. I was busy in the crew getting things ready to go from Allan's while you guys were hanging out outside. I then

spent the morning and early afternoon with my band at breakfast and rehearsing. I'm also sorry to hear that you guys left so early! I hope you got to catch a bit of Didginus. I think we went on right about the time you had to leave. I hope you guys got to meet Steve Roach, who was hanging out at the party, and promises to perform next year.

Let's see... a wrap up of the concert for those of you who were not there...

Opened up with a local African drum and dance class... fun stuff to get things going. Then a number of us performers and friends of Allan (about 25) all played bull roarers as Allan gave an

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opening prayer. Next up was Dick Saggio, a great Native American flute player (the flutes are native american, not him... he's Sicillian!). He played for about half an hour, with a wireless mic strapped on the flutes, so he could stand on the floor right with the audience instead of up on stage, which was nice. The music was all slow and relaxing, with a bit of delay throughout.

I hope I'm not forgetting anything

here... I believe our own Dave Crowder and Karl Sacksteder were next. They started with Karl doing some slow didge
while Dave demonstrated some of what we learned at David Hykes harmonic chant workshop back in November. Then they did some great double-didging,
including a bunch of playing with Karl's effect box, with a bit of flanging, and a lot of delay,  playing rhythms with a bit of bounce to it, from the effect. Real spacy, good stuff.

Then Allan Shockley's band, Mandala... didge, percussion, synth, operatic(!) vocals, and great local guitarist Don Reeves.

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Kind of folky stuff. Oh, Greg from Didginus sat in on drums.

Then Allan Smith and friends, including the visiting crew from Big Blow and the Bushwackers, and percussionists from Didginus. This was basically a jam session, fun for all. Tim Whittemore broke out the famous telescoping 11-foot pvc didge. I wish I had heard him play out without the soundsystem. It was hard to tell what it really sounded like (other than LOW).

Didginus was up next... I'll let someone else talk about that. I'll just say we were up there to

party, and we did. Next was Scott Huckaby, one of the didg-less performances of the night. This guy is a mind-blowing guitarist, whoplays acoustic guitar through a bank of effects, with an ebow, etc, to get all sorts of sounds. The guitar was also filled with rocks so he could use it as a shaker! He also played ankle bells like no one I've ever heard. Plus singing into the pickup to get his voice through the effects. This guy was all over the guitar like no one you could ever see, and was absolutely in another plane while he was playing. For the last number, he had Greg from Didginus sit in on djembe on the last number.

Huckaby Bells

Last was Merkaba, another folky/groove sort of band, from Seattle, featuring synth, acoustic

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guitar, flute, the amazing Alana Cini on didge, and.. percussionists from Didginus (I'm glad I brought those guys along).

Alana's a great crisp player, and for women concerned about being able to vocalise, she will alleviate your fears. I wish I could get some of those screams she's capable of! And by theway, she is a female player with the personal support of Dave Hudson and the gang from Yothu Yindi.

Okay, that's the concert in a large nutshell. Of course, some of the best in-the-moment music

happened at Allan's house and on concert, when we were all just cuttin' loose, but that's another story and... well, you had to be there. These jams were also the times when non-performers like the unsinkable Brandi Chase got to join in with the music. Anyway, it was a great time, and I'm sure to

be back next year, when I'll see some of you again, and some for the first time, I hope. And actually, there's even some semi-serious talk about taking this show on the road, but don't count

Look to hear from Dave next, he's getting back home sometime today.

Randy Graves
Didgeridoo Player, Didginus

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