Well, I am home, for now.

Just arrived 2 hours ago. 2 hours is what it takes to read 314 emails,which were waiting to me, at home, emails and a thick white blanket of snow.

I tried to make a posting about Tucson from New Orleans, but somehow, MardiGras got in the way. That is a good time, and I recommend it to everyone. I kept looking for the perfect set of beads that might have inspired me to bare my breasts to the slobbering drunk crowd and wouldn't you know it, I saw them the morning after, in the elevator

with my sweetheart Chris, his daughter, his parents, his sister. Alas I had to let them go. The were big yellow balls painted with have-a-nice-day-smiley -faces intermittent with purple and green balls of a lesser size. They were fabulous.

But on a more serious note, Tucson. Wow. Great time. Beautiful time. Excellent people.

When I went to the airport on Friday, I that I was late. Very late in fact a day late, and no open seats on any planes. My best hope was standby on a
little charter plane about to

leave in 10 minutes. As you have probably guessed I made it onto the plane and even made it to Tucson (and in 1/2 the time I would have had I taken the other plane) and wound up sitting next to an older gentleman who had just happened to do the same thing I had. We were both glad to be on board, both $75.00 poorer for not reading our
tickets better. We talked about ultimate responsibility, honesty (all the time, every time), instant Karma, you know the regular light topics strangers regularly engage in. His name wasRichard, we got on so well that he drove me to Allen's
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house from the airport. I may never see him again. Then again I just might. Great seeing old friends in strangers. The first person to great me was Karl Sacksteader. He said Karl and immediately I knew who he was. He has a beautiful

voice, it rolls in quietly-- --gently--gradually--louder- then-softer--then fades with every syllable spoken. Enchanting human being, so great meeting him again for the first time.

As I was struggling with my tent I heard the familiar hello of David Crowder. He looked younger in this setting. No younger is not right, he looked more innocent, open, receptive.

Randy Graves and Monica the great (that is the woman who Randy has the good fortune of loving) were next to appear in my vision. Randy said, "hello, again" amazing that we just met


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the week before. Randy to me, seems like the big brother I never had, so self-assured (trust me, he deserves this, he is a phenomenal player), and confident. And of course Allen Shockley, let me say how grateful I am to him for opening his home to me, without knowing me at all. He is a truly beautiful, truly enlightened being. Sigh. Thanks Allen, for opening your heart. He seems to me a man who in this moment experiences joy so completely, simply because he knows, he understands the opposite. Friday evening was spent in Allen's living room among piles

Wayo & Alana

of didjeridu's and pillows and people. Those present had the joy of jamming with Merkaba musicians Alana (female didjeridu goddess, she plays so effortlessly you can't believe that the sounds she is making are actually issuing from her). Wayo (probably misspelled) the pianist and the flutist (can't remember her name sorry) the flute is gorgeous with the didj. I spent that night alone, in my tent in the front yard, it was nice to be separate, and in my own space, I haven't been there (alone that is) in months.

Life at Allen's Functional Family Home really started hopping around 11 Saturday. It was

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then that I met Joanne Busse and her ever patient husband (so nice to meet you), Bill Hudson (didjeridu constructor extraordinaire and does a damn good Forest Gump impersonation----!), Ron Sill (yes, its true this man is an inspired artist, very original takeon dot painting in fact this would be a great business for you to get into Ron, feel like painting didjs for a living?), Tim Whittamore (who took a stroll with me to the local drug store to purchase 50 cent water, and we had a long chat nice to get to know you Tim). Kristan (posts to the list occasionally, she's a traveler and has limited access to the net) rolled up on the scene when Ron, Bill and I had our didjs down (I mean out!) on the street. I sincerely hope I am not missing anyone! its been so long it seems. The celebration was spectacular, and has been well covered by all, so I won't go in to it except to say

DAMN THE DANCING WAS GOOD. It was so nice to be inspired into my body so thoroughly so HIGHLY when I was completely sober. Just drunk on joy, and energy and excellence. Thank you to all of the performers. Thank you to all of my new found friends.

Sunday evening was a quieter, mellower time without the pressure of the show looming about. We fell into a driving rhythm after "Happy Birthday" which didn't let up until 4 hours later. Someone mentioned on the list the effect the didj has hadon their singing voice. Let me say that yes, it has opened

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my voice as well. At one point in  the jam I started to hear space for lyrics to a song I wrote this summer....and other poetry. And so I sang them. Into a microphone even. I really hope there are DAT tapes of this. Especially since at the end of it Dave and I Discovered we have the perfect new talk show title "BAD ABOUT YOU" the show where we talk bad about people who we hardly know .......I guess you had to be there.

Spent plenty of time in the sweat (sauna) and felt

completely cleansed.  Just before leaving on Monday, Randy and I insisted that we get at least get a moment in the Desert so we took a short hike to a river bed (that happened to be flowing). Allen opened up a special treat for the remaining party attendees, the fruit gathered from hundreds of suguaro (spelling?) cactus, such a sweet divine ambrosia, and a generous gift.

Okay, this is long. Sorry. Its just that it was a truly wonderful time, and I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of it. Next year, I

am sky divingnaked right into the center of the celebration. Maybe. :) Also, so glad to have met the members of Diginus. Wow, thanks, Linda, Larry, Greg and Ray. Oh, and of course you too Randy.

Happy Mardi Gras.

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