To those who could not make it. It was great fun. Sorry that I could not have met all of you. This was the first time I had went. Certainly not my last. I met two members from Big Blow. Tim and Ted. Both wonderful and warm hearted, (As everyone else was also).Ted showed me how to play the "Bones". Bones are two pairs of flat sticks with curved ends. And under his watchful tutorage I pick it up incurved ends. And under his watchful tutorage I pick it up in about twenty minutes, (I think he was impressed.) The bones are great for clickin' out a
rhythm while didgen'. I recommend them highly over the round click sticks then playing solo. And when playing a pair in each hand, the rhythm can get quite complex. The day was prefect, sunny and warm. Outside of Al's house everyone was showing their didges. It was

Tall Ted

a "breathe right" endorser

great to see the different didges that each person had brought. Al's didges of course were beautiful. I got met Brandi, she brought 5 didges with her. Some made fromaspen. Very nice sounding. Oh yes and Tim's from Big Blow and his 11 foot pvc didge. Wow try to get that one going. Not I.

The music of the night was magic. I've only heard didge bands on CD/tape and of course my own. The bands and the impromtu jams were awesome. The only sad part was that I had to leave before it was over. The whole thing was very well done.
Thank you Alan and those that helped to put it on. A Big cheer too all.

And to those who could not make it. See you next year.

Big love
Bill ( walking raven ) Hudson

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I spent all day Saturday in Tucson. I arrived at Al's place around 9:45 where many people were already there helping Allan load his truck with things to take over to the hall. Many of us stood around in front of Al's getting to know one another and doing a 'show-n-tell' with our didjs. Ted Watkin and Tim Whittemore from Maryland were there, taking a break from the Gem show.  Ted showed some of us

how to play the 'bones'. A wonderful alternative to click/clap sticks. They consist of two flat, curved, hardwood sticks held in the hand in a manner that when you snap your wrist the clap together. An easier description for me is that they look like short inscense holders. Ted was playing two sets, on in each hand, and creating some wonderful rhythyms. Bill Hudson from the list here picked it up right away and got rather good at it in a short period of time.

 Tim Whittemore demonstrated his 11 foot colapsable PVC didj. Amazing he can get it

going, I tried for a while and couldn't get it.

Brandi showed off some wonderful aspen didjs made by Marko. She also had a really nice rosewood one made by him. I really liked the one she had that looked like a giant long mushroom.

Some other Tucson, locals,came by as well with sticks in hand. We all had a very nice time getting to know one another there in front of Al's.

Time flew by at Al's and it was suddenly nearly 2:00. So some of us moved to the hall to help set up a bit. After a while there

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a few of us went to lunch together including my self, Bill Hudson and his wife Bonnie, and Tim Whittemore of Big Blow and the Bushwackers. Tim brought along one of his Liquid Didj CDs tolisten to on the way to lunch. Listening to it I decided I just had to get one, highly reccomended by the way. After lunch we killed some time in Tucson walking up and down the streets of a little shopping district.

6:00 finally arrived and we made our way into the dance hall where a wonderful experience was had. So many talented performers were there

it is hard to put down here in words the whole experience. The feeling could never be captured by my words alone. Unfortunately I had a commitment fairly early Sunday so I had to head out about 10:45 or so to get back to Chandler at a reasonable time. So I missed the last bit of the show.

I did take my camera and did shoot about a roll and a half so as soon as I get the pics developed I will see if maybe Shi wants to create a page dedicated for the Tucson gathering for posting pics. I noticed Brandi and some of the

others also were shooting some pics so this would be a good place for it if it's ok with Shi.

Ron Sill Sr. Mask Designer Vivid Semiconductor

From: Ron Sill
To: didj list
Subject: RE: Back from Tucson!
Date: Tuesday, February 17, 1998 1:58 PM


Yes, the day went fast and I wish we had had more time pre-show to get to know more

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of the people who were there. Especially a lot of the performers like yourself. We had a great time hanging out in front of Allans that morning and early afternoon. Although we did leave the hall early that night we DID catch Didginus and you guys did great! I made sure I stayed long enough to hear you guys play. Next year I will have to plan to stay the WHOLE weekend. I saw Steve Roach hanging around but I never got the chance to really talk with him.

As a self proclaimed beginer at the didj still I came away from Tucson with a wealth ofexposure not only to the didj and the

various styles but also to other music I rarely get a chance to hear. The effects of the trip will have a lasting impression on me personally and will hopefully trickle in to help advance my

playing the didj. Listening to CDs is ok, but listening live is by far the tops in teaching/learning.

Ron Sill Sr. Mask Designer Vivid Semiconductor


didjinus, minus Linda (sorry!)
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