{It happens}

on occasion, that a didjeridu event rolls into unsuspecting communities just like the carnival used to. Sometimes, there is a parade [most recently involving a 40-foot inflated whale]. Sometimes less pomp, but always the freaks come out of the woodwork and normalize by comparison to the festivities.

Such was the case January 21, when in Poway California, the Didjeridu Circus came to town.

Sponsored by the San Diego Folk Heritage Association and presented by Randy Graves, an Evening of Didjeridu was a success.

The performance showcased local didjeridu performances from Walt


Young, and Didginus. Sofia Sunseri performed Ave Maria accompanied by Randy Graves. Special guest Allen Smith (Tucson) delighted all with his rhythmic/tone/textural didjnastic feats.

If ever you have wondered if new comers to Didjeridu are interested in facts, the test was tried on this evening. Randy presented an hour-long (all times approximate) lecture on the subject, and when the crowd was asked (near the end) if they were bored, in return came a resounding NO!

It seems Mr. Graves succeeded in making didjeridu freaks out of all who attended.

Unless, (and it is possible) they were already so.

The grand finale (the death defying act, if you will) comprised easily fifteen D didjeridu played round the audience by the didj freakiest attendees. I'm pleased to say I was among that bunch.

A post show slide-show rounded out the evening for some as others help dismantle equipment and shuffled out the door, maybe shaking their heads because (if only for a moment) they believed perhaps it IS normal to find satisfaction in a hollowed out log or a PVC tube.


{ It seems Mr.

Graves succeeded in

making didjeridu

freaks out of all who attended}



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