Illustrations from that evening!

@ Pannikin Coffee, Tea, Spice

It was a rare event for didj fans everywhere, in fact, some might even suspect the proverbial joke but I tell you it IS true: the dragon has left his lair.

Chris Canole (AKA Dragon Didger) rose from what was a year's slumber to celebrate a day of farce and frivolity. This time, played on (or around) the La Jolla Shore. The Dragon Didjer stirred his San Diegan peers to perform a series of solo spots and group jam for the coffee/tea sippers at his favorite juke joint. The reception was positive and so Chris issued the promise of a repeat performance next holiday.

If you are curious about Chris, and where he has been, let's say the tale is not for tender ears, but I can tell you where he is right now:

Sitting in a massage chair overlooking the rosy flickering glow of the television set. He's about to set the Guinness world record for longest continuous television watching. Let's hope he doesn't turn into a potato!

For more information on the Dragon Didjer and his adventures, you might visit that's right. DD has gone public. For better viewing of his site, I recommend Netscape 4.0+.

As for myself, I'm setting the world record for continuous Brandi-being. So far, so good. Speaking of being Brandi, I composed a little Mandala (based on this event) entirely of the environment that night. Want to see it?

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