let it be known, CHICKS with STICKS is in its formation

From: Julia Wilmerding
To: didj list
Subject: RE: Solstice IMPETUS 98
Date: Monday, June 22, 1998 12:14 PM

Hey there whats the impetus....
Just back at work after a truly amazing, wonderful weekend.. many thanks to the whole list/didj famliy for making feel welcome and all who supported me in my playing I love you all and hope to run in to you soon!! you never know when the road trip bug will hit me....
Dave Crowder you a truly wonderful man thank you for everything hope your trip swing you through Wyoming I owe you one
Brandi thanks for it all Sister See you soon I hope. Desert hot springs is not safe ....
Randy first thanks for your inspired playing and most resently your kind words of encouragement I'll keep working, can't wait to play again and all of you at the gathering thanks for a beautiful weekend -Julia